Check Out These 5 Interesting Facts you didn’t Know about Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu:

Bigg Boss the most watched and most controversial reality TV show in Telugu is coming back with a second season. The first season of the show which was hosted by Jr NTR was aired on Maa TV.

The show which aired 70 episodes went on to become one of the highest rated television show in Telugu. The show constituted 12 participants among who are Celebrities Siva Balaji, Mumaith Khan, Navdeep, Adarsh, Prince Cecil, Hari Teja, Archana, Sameer, Mahesh Kathi, Dhanraj, Sampoornesh Babu etc. Siva Balaji stood as the winner of Bigg Boss season 1.

The second season of the show will be hosted by Nani and is going to start on 10th June 2018. The season is supposed to take place inside the Annapurna Studios and will go on for 106 days as opposed to 70 days of the first season. The contestant list for the season had been released recently.

The list which is presumed to include celebrities like Charmee Kaur, Raj Tharun, Dhanya Balakrishna, Gajala, Chandini Chowdary, etc., has raised the expectations among the audience. The list has not yet been confirmed but the show is most likely to attract significantly more audience than the first.

For the audience who are eager to watch the next season of Bigg Boss here are some facts about the show that are unknown to many.

  1. Bigg Boss Show’s TRP Ratings took Star Maa to first place among Telugu Channels for many weeks.
    • Overtaking the most popular Celebrity interview show “No.1 Yaari”, hosted by Rana, Bigg Boss stood out to be the most watched show after its inception.
  2. A Support Staff of over 250 members worked round the clock on the sets of Bigg Boss 1.
    • This number includes many people from technical, non-technical and security personnel.
  3. The contestants are paid on a weekly basis until their elimination.
    • However, the payment differs based on the seniority of the individual.
  4. The direction and production team usually worked 36-hour shifts which included pre-production and post-production works.
    • Over 30 relevant personnel worked in a rotation for 36 hours straight.
  5. The first season of Bigg Boss was shot in a house in Lonavla, Mumbai.
    • The house was equipped with 60 cameras- Twice the number of cameras used Bigg Boss Tamil.

Bigg Boss Reality Show which had made its entry in Bollywood quite a while ago has debuted in the Telugu language in 2017. The concept of the show is based on a reality TV Program Big Brother which was originally developed by John De Mol. Unlike the regional versions, the original Dutch Big Brother show included commoners instead of Celebrities.

The concept was adapted by Big Brother UK which included commoners. Later on, Celebrity Big Brother show was developed as a spin-off to Big Brother UK Reality Show. Given the success of Celebrity Big Brother, the UK based channel continued the show with celebrities with the same name which has made its way into Bollywood as Bigg Boss and then to Regional languages Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc.