Amazon opens the Biggest Global campus in Hyderabad, India.

Considering how well the Indian market has been for Amazon, it is not surprising that they have chosen to invest more in this promising market. Amazon has reached bind boggling statistics and Jeff Bezos has easily climbed his way to the top of the list of the wealthiest men in the world. 

Amazon began retail operations early in 2013 and the graph has been all positive since then with obvious dips here and there. With all things considered, India has been a blessing for Amazon. The fact that Amazon opens biggest global campus in Hyderabad is proof of the trust that they have in in the Indian market.

Amazon Campus Hyderabad

The new campus spans an area of about 9.5 acres and can accommodate approximately 15,000 employees. India can also be proud that this facility is Amazon’s largest tech-based out of Seattle. With about 62,000 full-time employees and about 1.5 lakh contract employees, they have proven that they believe in the value that India brings to the table.

Amazon boasts of having 3 fulfillment centers in Telangana that give them about 3.2 million cubic feet for storage requirements of sellers. They also have 2 sorting centers and 90 delivery stations.

The numbers don’t lie either. Amit Agarwal, Amazon India’s country manager has stated that Amazon has announced a $5 billion investment in India and another half a billion purely for food and retail market. Considering that the e-commerce market accounts for only 3% of the total retail, it comes as no surprise that they have managed to remain at the top of their game through thick and thin. 

The Global Selling Program that launched in India a couple of years ago has proved to be extremely beneficial to small and medium scale vendors that are willing to sell to customers in other countries.

With the millions in investment by Amazon and the never-ending passion of the Indian businesses to succeed, the future does look bright for both the parties involved. Let’s just hope that things work out as per plan.