An outbreak of New Coronavirus in China

An outbreak of New Coronavirus in China: A Death toll of more than 130 people Recorded

A new kind of virus is wreaking havoc in the country of China. Coronavirus, as it is named, causes Acute Respiratory Infection in the host and spreads in its incubation period, which is even before the symptoms appear. The virus is reported to have transferred from Snakes to humans and the initial spread was reportedly thought to be from the food stalls at Wuhan (A City in Eastern China) illegal seafood market where illegal meat trading takes place.

China has reported over 2700 cases in the city of Hubei and hundreds in other provinces. The virus has infected over 6000 people globally in 16 countries including the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, France, and South Korea. Although no fatalities outside China were reported, the Official Death toll in China reached 132. Since the outbreak was ahead of the Lunar New Year, China has suspended the festivities and extended the holiday period by three days.

The country has quarantined the city of Wuhan and the travel from and to the city has been restricted. All the non-essential vehicles have also been banned from the road. In addition to this several major cities suspended public transport, and tourist spots like Disneyland in the city of Shanghai and Hong Kong that attract large crowds have been closed.

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Many countries like the US, Japan, France has warned against traveling to China and announced their plan to airlift their citizens from the country. In Uk, British Airways suspended all direct flights to China. Hong Kong restricted cross-border travel and almost halved the number of flights to China. The CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) has begun screening processes at US airports.

So far, 47 confirmed cases have been reported outside china of which eight of are in Thailand, Five in US, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan, Four in Malaysia, South Korea, Three in France, Two in Vietnam, and one each in Nepal, Canada, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Germany. (Source: BBC). All the countries are quarantining passengers from China in the airports and conducting thorough health checkups to contain the spread of the virus.

The contracted exhibit symptoms like common cold, fever, and cough that may prolong long after the fever reduces. The virus belongs to the coronavirus family that had been infecting humans for decades and was the cause of diseases like SARS, MERS. Although the outbreak wreaked havoc, this strain of the virus was reported to be less lethal than the previous ones.