Article 370 and 35A Revoked By Modi Government

Big news from the Modi government, they revoked Article 35A and Article 370, which define a special status for Jammu & Kashmir state. It happened after recent events in the state where local government had put the top government under detention and suspended local telecom and the internet.

Let’s try to find out what does this decision means for the rebellion state and for the whole of India.

The essence of Article 370

The article gives a special autonomous status. Under this article, Kashmir’s citizens have differed laws from other Indians related to fundamental rights, ownership of property, citizenship. Indians from other states cannot purchase property or land in this state. Article 370 central government able to declare an emergency in Kashmir only if war will happen.

Article 370 was proposed in 1947 by the prime minister of the state Sheikh Abdullah. Prime minister had wanted the article would be endless, but the higher government didn’t implement his wish.

The essence of Article 35A

This article is also called Permanent Residency Law. The article gives the right to change the permanent residency status in the state.

Article 35A was proposed in 1954 by Rajendra Prasad who was president at that time.

article 370 and 35A

How cancelation of articles will influence Kashmir

Without J&K special status, all Indians can acquire property in the state and permanently settle here. Kashmiris afraid about it — they think that demographic mutation will happen, and Muslim Kashmir’s population will transform to Hindu.

There will be created a Union Territory for J&K with the legislature. Also, as Amit Shah said in a notification, the Ladakh area will receive the status of a Union Territory too, but without legislature.

After this, President of India Ram Nath Kovind declared that the laws of the Indian Constitution will be applicable to Jammu & Kashmir state. His statement says: “All the parts of the Indian Constitution should work in the Kashmir.”

“References to a Governor of the state should be considered as references to the Governor of the state acting with the advice of Council of Ministers”, – president added.