Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain – a Written Update of the Latest Episode

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain Serial is an Indian comedy serial which is being telecasted on the &TV channel from March 2nd, 2015. The main plot revolves around the two families who live in the same neighborhood.

Written Update of the latest episode aired on the 17th of April, 2018

Bhabi Ji Ghara Par hai Serial starts with Anita visiting a blackmailer at a hotel. She pleads with him to stop blackmailing her. He says that he some of her photos and videos with him, which he will publish over the internet. The blackmailer asks her to give him 10 lakhs if she wishes to get them back.

The next morning, Manmohan Tiwari asks Vibhuti to drive him to his shop and also Anita to her grooming class. While in the car, Manmohan Tiwari tries his best to flirt with Anita. Vibhuti disturbs him by saying that there is some problem with the car and will not be able to drop them. Hence, they rent a rickshaw and leave spot together. Vibhuti takes out the banana he had stuffed inside the smoke pipe of the car and gives it to a passer-by.

Vibhuti calls Angoori and tells her that her husband has told him to take her for a ride around the Kanpur city. She becomes very happy and goes with him. Vibhuti tries to flirt with Angoori while inside the car. But Angoori doesn’t understand this and talk with him casually.

Vibhuti then asks Angoori if she wants to learn driving. She says yes and starts driving. While trying hard to control the car, she crashes into a tea shop. The three guys who were sitting outside the tea stall gets injured and registers a
complaint with the police. The three guys along with the police go to meet Manmohan Tiwari and inform him that Angoori has caused this accident.

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Vibhuti comes to the rescue of Angoori and informs them that Angoori doesn’t know how to drive and the guys are telling lies. But the police officer informs him that the CCTV footage clearly shows that it was Angoori who was driving the car at the time of the accident. Tiwari starts scolding Vibhuti for allowing Angoori to drive the car. But he denies the truth and says that the people are trying to defame Angoori by doing some malpractices with the CCTV.

The police officer asks Tiwari to call Angoori to explain the situation. She confesses that the guys are telling the truth. Tiwari scolds her for driving the car when she doesn’t know to drive. She says that it was Vibhuti who encouraged her to do so. The policeman asks Tiwari to give the compensation of 10,000 to each of the guys for the accident caused if he doesn’t want to endure a criminal case. Vibhuti and Angoori also ask him to give the money.

Later, Anita calls the police officer and asks him to meet her at a secret location. The episode ends with Anita asking the police officer to give her his pistol to play a drama in her grooming class.