Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Updates: Geetha and Ganesh cheat on the luxury budget task

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu has become a go-to form of entertainment for Telugu audience all around the world every day. The highly popular reality show which had completed two weeks and had already evicted two contestants of the 16 is going strong in the charts. Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is being hosted by Nani and the contestants have become familiar to the audience.

Sanjana Anne and Nuthan Naidu were the two contestants that have been evicted in the first two weeks respectively. After the first eviction, Nandini Rai was introduced to the house as a wild card entry. Things returned to normal after the second-week eviction until Bigg Boss introduced the luxury budget task.


The task was to make sugarcane juice and package it in bottles for quality check. The team that packages the highest number of bottles wins the task. The contestants were divided into Yellow and Green teams which were led by Kaushal and Kireeti. The two teams competed in a cutthroat manner and performed well in the task, but the yellow team ended up with lesser number of stickers.

It was during his task that Geetha and Ganesh were caught mixing water in their Sugar cane juice and tried to pass it off. The water bottles were noticed by Bhanu who confronted the green team about them. When the team denied any knowledge of this, Bigg Boss announced that they had cheated and that the order has been canceled.

After a little argument between both the teams in which Geetha had claimed that the yellow team had also cheated, Bigg Boss announced that Yellow team had won in the task.

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