Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 9 Written Update July 30th 2019

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vithika and Punarnavi argue about giving sreemukhi a responsibility. Tamanna teases Ravikrishna by hiding his mic. Housemates found that water and gas supply has been cut off in the house.

Bigg Boss informs all the housemates that water and gas in the house has been cut off as a part of the upcoming task, where the housemates has to cycle 3 bicycles kept in garden area  in order to get the supply of gas and water and also to get access to the house.

bigg boss 3 episode 9

Sreemukhi, Baba and Ravi decides to peddle the bicycles and remaining housemates checks the supply of facilities. Siva jyothi opinions that housemates should split into teams and take parts in cycling while the housemates denies it. Varun and Rahul suggest her to directly talk with Sreemukhi and get a chance to cycle instead of creating groups. Siva Jyothi thinks that Sreemukhi can’t do it all by herself to get sleep in the night while Sreemukhi tells Siva Jyothi there is no need to create groups instead she can directly ask her.

Meanwhile in a conversation, Punarnavi questions Vithika why is she not involving in the task. Vithika says that she was busy preparing dosa’s for all the housemates. Purnanavi says she did the task for gas that’s why vithika was able to prepare dosa’s, adding to that Vithika says if not Purnanvi someone else would have done the gas task. Varun interrupts and says if not Vithika someone else would have prepared the dosa’s.

Punarnavi tries to calm vithika and says she is her friend that is why she asked her to involve in the task. Vithika gets offended by punarnavi and Varun and burst into tears. Ravi, Rohini and others console vithika while Varun tries to sort out the things with vithika.

Tamanna and Jaffar had a conversation about Sreemukhi, jaffar says that Sreemukhi is overdoing it while Tamanna says she is not up to the mark. Mahesh interrupts and says they were doing it intentionally.