Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 23 Highlights

The women of the house Geetha, Bhanu Sri, Nandini, Shyamala, and Deepthi, started discussing the relationships that are cooking up between Samrat and Tejaswi and Deepti Sunaina and Tanish. Overhearing these discussions Tejaswi felt bad. The next morning she shared her inner thoughts with Babu Gogineni and told him that though she possesses some positive feelings towards Samrat, felt that she should not become the reason for ruining Samrat’s life. She shared the same with Samrat too after which both of them clarified to everyone in the house that they are just good friends.

Post that Amith and Tanish got called up by Bigg Boss into the confession room, and assigned them a task where they were supposed to make up a fake story and make everyone believe that. Bigg Boss told them that if everyone believes the story, there will be a food fest arranged for the housemates. So, Tanish cooks up a story that he is upset with the gossips going on around about him and Deepthi and everyone believes it.

Finally, the time for nomination arrives and everybody nominates. The contestants that received the most number of nominations are Nandini Rai, Kaushal, Deepthi Nallamothu, Shyamala, Geetha, Tejaswi, Babu Gogineni, and Ganesh. Another highlight of the Bigg Boss episode 23 is that Bigg Boss ordered Roll Rida to Send Geetha Madhuri to jail as she failed to comply with the house rules.

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