Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 24 highlights

In the previous episode, Tanish and Amith were given the task of cooking up a fake story and make everyone believe in that story by Bigg Boss with the promise of a grand feast.

As were ordered they successfully completed the task and made everyone believe in their fake story. While the gossips in the house continued, Nandini and Tejaswi got into an argument. Nandini went to apologize to Bhanu and Bhanu confronted her about her (Nandini’s) arguments with Tejaswi. While the two talked, Tejaswi entered the scene and started clarifying. Nandini got emotional when her comments about Tanish being friends with Deepthi only to gain votes came out.

Meanwhile, Amith and Tanish revealed their task as it was successful, and the housemates got Pizza, Candies and other delicacies by Bigg Boss. Nandini’s emotional burst continued for a long time and Roll Rida came to the rescue and made peace between Nandini and Bhanu after everyone else failed.

Later, the house was given another luxury budget task for the week and it was interesting. It was told that the house should turn into a hostel. And in the hostel, Roll Rida has to impress Deepthi, Amith has to impress Bhanu, Samrat has to impress Tejaswi, Tanish has to impress Nandini, and Kaushal has to impress Deepthi. Babu and Geetha were assigned the roles of Hostel Wardens while Ganesh and Shyamala turned security guards who must make sure that the boys are not meeting the girls in the hostel.

It would be interesting to watch this task carried out by the housemates from the next episode.

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