Check Out This Cool Summer Weight Loss Workout

Summer is the best time for relaxation. Unfortunately, many people take it too far. More specifically, they indulge in binge drinking and eating sprees. Eventually, they gain weight in summer. Avoid this mistake by focusing on activities that will help you lose weight. For example, you can participate in sporting activities such as beach volleyball. You can also go surfing or kayaking. You will burn loads of fat if you focus on these things instead of watching movies the whole day and ordering takeout. You can also lose additional weight by doing some exercises that are fit for this season. Here are some weight loss workouts for summer.

  • Crunches and the Boat Pose :

You will wear a bikini this summer as you head for the beach or swimming pool. Exercise your abs so that you can get rid of your belly fat. More specifically, do some crunches daily. Bend your knee as you lie on your back. Your hands should be behind your head. Then lift your shoulders off the ground while curling your legs towards your upper body. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat the workout several times.

You can try the boat pose as well. Sit on the floor. Keep your legs straight then lift them slowly. You can bend them at the knee, but not too much. Then recline your upper body towards the floor. Tilt it backward away from your legs instead of forwards. Do not lie down on your back. Instead, your upper body and legs should pivot on your tailbone. Your abs will work hard to ensure that this pivot holds. This difficult task leads to the burning of belly fat.

  • Planks and Squats :

Planks are an ideal summer workout because they strengthen the muscles in your abs and back. They encourage proper posture as well in addition to improving the balance in your body. Moreover, these exercises are straightforward. Lie on your stomach. Then lift your body using your hands and feet. Support it in an uplifted position by bending your arms at a 90-degree angle. That means the ulna and radius bone should be parallel to your upper torso. Then your toes should be supporting your lower back.

Squats are helpful when it comes to weight loss because they get rid of fat around your butt and thighs. Start with a few squats each day and then increase the number of squats you do daily in addition to the speed at which you do them. Eventually, you will be doing jump squats, pistol squats, and barbell squats before summer ends.

In conclusion, losing weight during this season is possible if you work on specific areas of your body. You can also participate in activities that would burn fat. Besides sporting activities, you can indulge yourself in evening jogs or morning walks. You can also skip rope or go swimming as part of your summer fun and adventure.