Dus Ka Dum : Salman Khan Is Back With A Bang

If you have been in India for as long as I have, you must have heard about the booming Hindi movie industry called Bollywood. You must also have heard about the TV industry which consists of daily soaps, game shows, reality shows and what not. We have had numerous superstars in the industry who have carved a niche and made it big in both of them. We would be focusing on a show which has been, kind of like a comeback of a King. I am talking about Salman Khan of course and the newest show which he is helming, Dus Ka Dum on Sony Entertainment Television.

Salman had hosted Season 1 of the Show, 9years back and it was a smash hit among all of India if I may say so. With the goofy contestants, Salman’s jokes, the audience at home and those at the show feel comfortable with him. These two factors help in propelling the show to the desired ratings needed. The new season focuses on something similar but with a recognizable amount of twists in them.

Season 2 started with a bang since it was Salman Khan’s return after a long hiatus from the small screen. Naturally, the audience was happy to see him after so long. It’s the same wisecracks, the same laughter, and fun around the show, Salman’s antiques haven’t changed one bit. In comparison with the previous season, there has been a complete makeover of the game rules. Some of them are as described below,

5 Ka Punch:

This is the first round of the show. The contestant gets the opportunity to answer 3 out of 5 questions thereby enabling him/her to proceed to the next round. Contestants can win Rs. 20,000 for every correct answer plus they get a lifeline of sorts where they can ask for assistance from their family members.

10 Guna Dum:

This is the second round of the show. The contestant gets the opportunity to multiply his/her earnings by 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 if they give the correct answer.

Super Sawaal:

This is the final round of the show and the decider. The contestant can directly multiply their earnings by 10 with a correct answer, whereas the wrong answer will bring down the amount to 10% of their
total amount.

This is the show has received praise and applause from people from all walks of life, Sony Entertainment Television has seen to that. But the driving force is the star power and charisma of Salman Khan which makes all the difference in the world. He makes you comfortable, he makes the people around him comfortable which is what makes him a true genius and he is definitely the most perfect choice for this show.
Needless to say, he has returned and with a bang.

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