Everything u Need to Know about Rajasthan Elections

Pm Narendra Modi to address a rally in Alwar, the south region of Rajasthan on Sunday

Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, is to address a rally in the Rajasthan’s district of Alwar on Sunday, November 24. This rally, which will consist of 11 constituencies, will be the first main poll-related rally since the official declaration of the candidates Some BJP leaders and Congress members are changing loyalties in the last minute Members of both parties are having trouble in understanding the concept of “loyalty” in recent times. Both the BJP and the INC have suffered turncoats when some of its members have decided to give their support to the main opposition party in exchange of tickets.

Rajasthan Election Updates
Given the fact that the elections are tight, there’s nobody willing to take any chances. Nizam Qureshi, Congress’ minority cell chief, resigns when the assembly elections result is just a few weeks away.

Qureshi has accused his party of giving tickets to motivate candidates. An act, claims Qureshi, is against his moral values and principles.

Rajasthan assembly elections: more than 1,800 last-minute candidate nominations A total number of 1,853 nominations have been filled within the last day available.  The state which had the maximum number of candidates filling their nominations last minute was the Jaipur constituency, Adarsh Nagar, with 35 candidates. The state which had the minimum number of candidates was the Kumbhalgarh constituency, with just four candidates’ nominations.

In the district of Jaipur, 246 candidates filed their nomination on the last minute.  One-third of constituencies have no female candidates’ nominations  There are 56 constituencies, out of the 200 total constituencies of India, where there is not even one female candidate who has filled her nomination.

Despite that, this year’s election has meant a change for female politicians, as the Congress has agreed on increasing the number of women among its members, giving 27 tickets to female candidates, while in 2013 elections they were just 24.  On the contrary, BJP has reduced the number of female candidates among its ranks, from 26 in 2013 to 21 in 2018