Kapil Sharma announced his upcoming show Family Nights with Kapil Sharma.

The most famous and beloved comedian in India, Kapil Sharma. He created the show Family Nights with Kapil Sharma Comedian born April 2, 1981, he became famous as an Indian stand up comedian, producer, and actor.

He became the most famous and popular person in media space. Indian Forbes put him on the 18th place in
the list of celebrities for 2017. The Economist Times called it the most an adored person in India.

There are already several shows on his list, such as:

The Kapil Sharma Show and Comedy Nights with Kapil

March 2018 announced his new show Family Time With Kapil Sharma.

It will take place in the format of an Indian stand ap show and will be broadcast on Sony TV  Also, other stars will be involved in this show  Kiku Shard, Sumana Chakravarty, and Chandana Prabhakara. Also will participate ordinary people together with celebrities Finally, the legendary comedian will please his fans with a new show, for those who do not represent their own weekend without a portion of good and quality humor.

The channel on which the show will be broadcast has already shown a short promotional video. It is already known that the show will not be just a show but will be presented in a game format and all participants will receive prizes as a reward  It is worth noting that his last show was a crazy success. The actor was a little out of his creative life, because of problems with alcohol, but now all the problems are behind and he is again ready to surprise and delight his fans.

Colleagues say different opinions about this show and about the actor, in particular, they say that despite the complex character, he is an actor from God. Comedian offends people. His humor is on the verge of racism and a bad attitude to for women, his jokes are pricked sharper than a knife.

All telecasts make an amendment that they do not want to offend anyone and Kapil should carry responsibility for damage caused to anyone with his jokes, In any case, the show is incredibly successful, and hundreds of thousands of fans are waiting for it with impatience.