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Bepannah is a sentimental thriller TV show airs on Colors TV. It has become a popular show among the viewers and has been in the highlight of many of the fan’s choice. The Bepannah latest episodes of the show reveal many twists between the two main characters Zoya and Aditya.

The closeness between Zoya and Aditya

We saw with respect to how Zoya gets bothered as Aditya tries to draw nearer to her. She discloses to him that she is enduring him simply because of the organization. Everyone at the workplace adores Zoya and Aditya’s sentimental photoshoot pictures, however, Zoya requests that Aditya erase them all.

Then again, the organization gets a major business deal where Zoya seems to be happy. However, the joy vanishes instantly when Aditya uncovers that to get the agreement they should show themselves as a wedded couple as the
A client needs to converge with an organization that is controlled by a family. Zoya declines to Aditya’s requests.

Aditya’s Proposal

Mahi is tensed and then Aditya asks her to pretend as his wife, but the staffs do not support that because they do not find the chemistry between these two persons. They wish if Zoya could be the one, but Zoya tries to explain that falsified actions of getting married are never a good idea.

Zoya is Irritated

Zoya does not want to get married to the person who irritates her. Then, Mahi asks her if she has any better idea. Zoya is hesitant. To irritate Zoya an extra degree, Aditya asks everyone to prepare himself or herself to face the broken future since the company might close because they do not have resources to repay.

Finally, it happens!

The recent spoiler is that Zoya gets into more disturbed as the customer request that Aditya put mangalsutra- on -Zoya. And on the other hand, Mahi has a daydream where she imagines that Aditya is coming towards her and the Mangalsutra is meant for her. But in a few seconds, she comes back to reality.

Aditya puts mangalsutra on Zoya, who is broken inside because she never wanted this to happen. In any case, by one means or another, she realizes that she had to do it in order to save the company. She consoles herself by thinking that this is only a fake marriage, nothing is real here.

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