How to vote for your favorite Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Votes

A phenomenon in Telugu, Bigg Boss Reality show has returned with high hopes with its second season. With Actor Nani hosting the show, Bigg Boss Telugu invited 16 contestants to live in a house created especially for them in Annapurna Studios for a period of 100 days. As per the tradition, the contestants are a mix of Actors, Anchors, Singers, Humanists and 3 commoners.

The show has commenced a while ago and has been going on at full speed every day. Though NTR’s ratings haven’t been broken, Nani’s hosting was appreciated by a majority of the audience. In this season, most of the celebrities that are on the show are not so familiar to the audience, which allowed them to form favorites after witnessing their behavior after the show commenced. Here is the list of contestants for you.

Tanish Alladi, Geetha Madhuri, Babu Gogineni, Deepti Nallamothu, Bhanusree, Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Sunaina, Kaushal, Tejaswi Madiwada, Syamala, Roll Rida, Samrat Reddy, Sanjana Anne, Nutan Naidu, and Ganesh.

Out of these contestants Sanjana Anne, Nutain Naidu and Ganesh are commoners who earned a chance to participate in the show. After the first week of airing Sanjana Anne was eliminated from the show, and Nandini Rai, an actress entered as a wildcard entry.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Voting

The Bigg Boss show voting system usually involves the contestants nominating two people among them to be eliminated. The people that receive the highest number of nominations are visible to the public to which the public votes for their favorite. The contestant that receives the least number of votes is the one that is eliminated that week.

One person can cast as many as 50 votes and they can be either divided among the contestants or can be cast to just one contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting

The nominations are directly visible on Google when you Sign in to your Gmail account and then type in “Bigg Boss Telugu Voting” in Google Search.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Offline Voting

One can also cast their vote on the phone by dialing the numbers assigned to each contestant. These numbers are visible on the television screen at the end of the show on Mondays and before every break from Tuesday.

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