Interesting Facts About KRISHNA BHARDWAJ a.k.a Tenali Rama



Krishna Bhardwaj is the lead actor of the Tenali Ramar Serial that has since attracted a lot of positive reception from the fans. The serial which was launched on 11th July 2017 mainly revolves around the life of the greatest Vijayanagara emperor, who was also a poet, named Tenali Rama Krishna.

The family man who is quite an interesting character spoke recently about how he had to audition, wait for months before securing his position and finally signed his contract on April, barely two months before the serial was released.

I wonder what his wife thought when he had to shave for the Tenali Rama Serial. All the rumors are now officially bashed; it is official that Krishna actually shaved his head bald in real life, what a way to change your look. I would be considering how much he is being paid to play the part, a figure he is not willing to release to the public but clearly states that it will be sufficient to clear out his loans in just a couple of months.

Speaking of clearing Krishna Bhardwaj’s loans, this happy chap shared a light moment when he actually admitted that he dreamed about receiving a lot of votes for the award he received on September 2017, Now if that is not some prophetic intervention, I don’t know what is. The man was basically destined for greatness.

At this point you should already start to pick some pointers on how to become a superstar like Krishna, his day basically begins with a glass of water, unlike most of us and ends with his daily chanting. He also claims he is a night owl. He loves reading books with his last read being, “the Ladies of Solitude.” He actually isn’t a fun of watching movies but admitted that he absolutely loves the “Rockstar” movie and actually wishes to become that character one day.

If that is not enough to simply fall in love with this actor, he is so tender and soft that he sent a birthday card to his one-year-old fun. Doesn’t that just melt your heart and he loved the kisses through the phone he received from the adorable little baby.

Now, I simply had to save this for last. Krishna Bhardwaj can speak two other languages, apart from English, Gujarati, and Chinese. Take notes people, he hates liars, thinks love is gold and simply states he cannot do without his family; for his family comes first and even though he is not able to be with them because of his new role, he simply loves them.

I lack words to describe his cheerful warm personality; he thinks that love is precious and is actually a trained dancer. That is all we have on interesting facts about Krishna Bhardwaj.