It’s Time for Bigg Boss 2, hosted by Nani – iTrending Live

Bigg Boss is a reality show which was initially started in Hindi has become one of the most watched reality show in India. Bigg Boss is hosted in several languages and has pleased the audience in regional languages. Bigg Boss entered Tollywood last and has raised a huge craze among the audience. Bigg Boss is one such show which the audience cannot miss as its loved by plenty. After the successes by the Bigg Boss, 1 show earlier hosted by Jr. NTR the second installment of the show is likely to start this June. The anchor for the Bigg Boss 2 is natural star Nani which will add colors to the show.

Season one of Bigg Boss was conducted for 70 days for the contestants and this time it’s said that it will happen for 100 days. Bigg Boss 2 will be starting from 10th and Bigg Boss team has recently announced the contestant’s name.  Unlike the first season, the installment of this famous reality show will be open for the common people also. An exclusive house for Bigg Boss was erected in Annapurna 7 Acres for the first time.

Bigg Boss 2 team has invited several celebrities and common people had the opportunity to register in the reality show as contestants. The BB2 team has invited Madhavi Latha, Sri Reddy, and Sonu, who has been in the limelight for the past few days for their controversial statements. Apart from the Bigg Boss 2 makers invited few TV anchors to participate in the show out of which few of the hosts rejected the invitation.

The Bigg Boss 2 makers are planning to ensure that the show goes viral and entertains the audience on a wider scale. Watch all the episodes of Bigg Boss 2 on YuppTV and you can watch the missed episodes on YuppTV with its catch-u feature. YuppTV can be watched on all internet accessible devices without any geographical barriers.