Lungs of Earth on Fire: 84% Increase in Fires of Amazon Rainforest

A record-breaking 84% Increase in Amazon Wildfires was observed compared to last year by the National Institute for Space Research. Scientists have recorded more than 74000 fires in the Amazon forest this year which is double the total number of 40000 in the year 2018.

The fires are said to increase due to an increase in deforestation recently and the policies of the new government supporting development regardless of the conservation. The deforestation level peaked in July and according to the data, the destruction was close to three football fields every minute. The smoke from the fire in the forest was responsible for the sky turning dark suddenly in the city of Sao Paulo which was 3200 km away from the forest area.

Increase in Fires of Amazon Rainforest

The fires occur regularly in the Amazon forests this season due to natural sources like lightning and due to the farmers setting ablaze for farming. The issue has caught the world’s attention since the Amazon forests are World’s largest Rainforests- the and are referred to as the Lungs of Earth. Amazon Rainforest’s play a major role in slowing down global warming by absorbing a significant amount of CO2 released into the air.

Spread over 5,500,000 square kilometers in the Amazon basin of Brazil, amazon rainforests constitute over half of the remaining rainforest reserves in the world. The forests comprise of 390 billion individual trees and much higher insect and other fauna species. They produce 20% of Earth’s total Oxygen and is home to more than 400 indigenous tribes.

Apart from the political causes, the Amazon rainforests are also being cut down for basic necessities like Agriculture and Timber. These rainforests that are considered to be one of the earth’s most precious resources must be preserved at any cost. It is time that we look for alternatives to cutting down forests for basic things like Agriculture. And it is high time that we realize that developments that cause massive climatic destruction are regressive and must be minimalized.