Mizoram election updates – A Situational review on Mizoram Politics

The election commission of India has scheduled the Mizoram Assembly members’ elections to take place on November 28th. Election candidates were nominated from 2nd to 9th November and a total of two hundred and six nominations were accepted, the results are yet to be brought out on 11th December this year. The Mizoram assembly is supposed to have only 40 elected assembly members, these elections are to be done in two phases as it is the rule of Mizoram assembly.

mizoram elections live

Mizoram has a large number of voters who took part in the election process. Currently, Mizoram is being led by Lal Thanhawala of the INC party, this party has 34 seats which are the highest number of members in the Mizoram Assembly being the majority members’ party, and the remaining seats are held by the NDA which is the second powerful party in Mizoram. In the opposition, there are many parties like the ZN, PRISM, and ZEM. Since 2008 the Congress has been ruling the state, Mizoram is the only north-east state in which still the Congress is ruling.

On December 15th the current tenure of Mizoram assembly will expire to usher in the newly elected Mizoram assembly members. BJP had requested the electoral commission to extend the nomination date for assembly polls but the electoral commission turned the request because the date had been set by the rules and regulations as well as court directives which stated that nomination process should be conducted for not more than seven days. The BJP had an excuse that the number of their nominated candidates was not able to file their nominations considering that they were protesting seeking that the Chief Electoral Officer SB Shashank to be removed.

The citizens of Mizoram have been fighting against the removal of Shashank as they say that he is biased thus he should not conduct the Mizoram assembly elections. Tuicwang a Chakma dominated constituency is always left out and not allowed to vie for the Mizoram assembly seats as these people are known to be immigrants of Bangladesh, the ZPM alliance which comprises of seven political parties has said that it will never field any Chakma candidate for these seats.

The Mizoram Assembly Elections live will be the best ever as it is believed the date is yet to come and this will lead to the renewal of the Mizoram assembly comprising of 40 members.