Rafael Nadal in French Open Tennis Tournament

Rafael Nadal in French Open Tennis Tournament

The French Open is one of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The tournament continues for two weeks in Paris on the clay courts. The competition opened in 1891 and became international in 1925. The matches take place on the central courts of France Philippe Shaterier and on the second most important court Suzanne Lenglen.

This is the most prestigious tennis tournament of the whole season. The difficulty of the game on the clay courts is due to the rebound of the ball on the ground, which is relatively slow. That is the main reason for such long games. Therefore, tennis players who grew up on clay court usually have an advantage and often become winners.

The prize fund of 2018 for the second season of Roland Garros tennis tournament is more than 39 million euros. It is 3 million more than last year. Winners in singles between men and women are going to receive 2.2 million. The tournament director Guy Forge announced it. The French Open has already begun and is still going from May 27 to June 10. Its current champions are Rafael Nadal and Elena Ostapenko.

Today Rafael Nadal is the first racket of the world. He is an outstanding Spanish tennis player born in Manacor on June 3, 1986. From the childhood, he was passionate about football and tennis. However, despite the famous Uncle Miguel Angel Nadal, the former central defender of FC Barcelona, Rafael focused on tennis.

He is the winner of 16 Grand Slam tennis tournaments. In addition, he is the only tennis player who was able to win 11 times the ATP Challenge Tour tournament. Many achievements turned this person into the best tennis player on the ground. Rafael Nadal is called King of the Ground.

He also owns two Olympic gold medals in singles and doubles categories. Rafael Nadal is a four-time winner of the Davis Cup in the Spanish national team. In 2016, he opened the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, where he plans to share the experience that he received during his career with future champions.

Tennis as a game gives many positive emotions and a great charge of vivacity, but as a sport develops good qualities such as coordination, reaction, and excellent physical shape. Tennis is a great option for anyone, so that he becomes strong and healthy, both physically and mentally developed.

While some are playing it as a hobby, others do it professionally just like Rafael Nadal. Many people who have participated in the tournament as spectators and players know the value of this wonderful game. It is an honor to be able to play this wonderful game around the world and share the moment with best players.

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