Ravi Shastri compares Virat Kohli to Imran Khan

“The performance of the Indian team led by Kohli has been quite good yet.”

Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri compared Virat Kohli to former Pakistan captain Imran Khan. Shastri said that seeing Virat Kohli, I remember Imran Khan. Just as Imran Khan used to lead his team in the best manner, Kohli is also pushing the Indian team in a great way.

Shastri, in an interview with Anandabazar, said, “Virat Kohli is very young and he has just begun his journey. Despite this, he has made his place in the world’s best players. He is a forward-looking player. Seeing them, I miss Imran Khan. Though Virat is young now, he has some qualities of Imran, in the matter of leading the team, he is like Imran. Shastri further said that Kohli has a strong will to perform well in any situation, and he also fills in the rest of the team. Imran Khan was also a similar captain When you are the team’s greatest batsman and captain, then you have to be at the top in your game.

Significantly, the Indian team’s performance in the captaincy of Virat Kohli has been fantastic yet. The team reached the final in the Champions Trophy and won the series against Australia, England, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Recently, South Africa beat India in one-dayers and T20 series in their home. All of the emotions that the team won in the third Test against Proteas were appreciated. Apart from this, Kohli has also reached close to 10,000 runs and has scored 34 centuries in ODIs. He is continuously doing his own record of batting. Kohli also leads the Indian team in the best possible manner.