Rocket Raghava Strikes hard in 12th April’s episode of Jabardasth

We’re back to another cheerfully comic review of Jabardasth episode on 12th of April, 2018. This episode too, as is with all the others, is filled with jaunty teasings, epic one-liners and rebellious wisecracks from the comics who performed the skits. The best thing about yesterday’s episode is that the themes selected to perform by Bullet Bhaskar/ Tsunami Sudhakar Duo, and Kiraak RP were offbeat and interesting than usual. This made the episode absolute fun to watch.

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The show started as usual with the most loved dance performances of Anchor Anasuya and Roja. After the introduction of Judge Nagendra Babu, the show started with the performance of Rocket Raghava. Rocket Raghava selected Time Travel as his theme, which he used to depict his life right from the selection of a girl to get married to a year after marriage where he decides he made the wrong decision and comes back to select another. The skit was a riot and impressed the judges immensely.

The next skit was of Venky monkeys who depicted

the life of a man who wants to get married, finally finds a girl and woos her. The skit takes a hilarious turn when the girl forgets meets with an accident and loses memory, which happens more than once giving rise to uproarious situations. Hyper Aadi’s skit followed the Venky Monkeys with a remarkable series of punches and fastidious witticisms. The skit followed the concept of bachelors living in a room together, accidentally kill their owner. The skit depicted the situations that led to the point and the consequences that arose after it and made it an enjoyable watch.

The skits that followed after were of Adire Abhi, Bullet Bhaskar/ Tsunami Sudhakar, Kiraak RP. Out of which Bullet Bhaskar/ Tsunami Sudhakar came out with some versatile concepts like a devil interrupting a honeymoon and Kiraak RP with a medieval concept of King and a queen about finding the right groom for the princess. The skit was as impressive as the concept of it after which the show ended with a bang.

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