Romance is in the air for Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas?

A video of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas making an appearance at LA’s Dodger stadium is getting viral over social media leaving the fans guessing about their possible link-up.

People love when two celebrities whom they adore immensely, get attracted to each other. To increase the number of celebrity hook-ups, recently, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were seen entering the match stadium together to attend a baseball match of San Diego Padres and City of Angels’ home team.

The video of them entering the Dodgers stadium became viral on social media instantly. It was shot by a fan on a phone, who was also surprised looking both of them together.

While reportedly on Friday, both were seen watching ‘Beauty and the Beast live in concert’ in Los Angeles.
And as if these were not enough clues for fans, this date was followed by pictures of Priyanka and Nick holidaying with friends on a yacht the next day. In the pictures, Priyanka and Nick can be seen sitting together very closely.

The rise in their intimacy has made the fans super curious for sure. This many appearances in just one weekend? A fire of love? Well, two of them make a deadly combo for sure! Earlier, Priyanka and Nick were seen together at the Met Gala Red Carpet 2017.

At that time when asked about both of them In the show Jimmy Kimmel live, Priyanka said that they both were wearing Ralph Lauren at that time so they decided to appear together and relationship between them is purely platonic, which obviously seemed quite uncommon reason to many fans and which in turn ignited their dating rumours much more! After this appearance at the Met Gala, both seem to have liked each other more as they were seen together going on several dates after that, including the recent one.

Meanwhile, the image of this possible couple is getting talked everywhere because popular American Singer Nick Jonas is 10 years younger than Indian superstar actress Priyanka Chopra. The question about their age difference was also asked in the show Jimmy Kimmel live in a subtle humorous way, stating Nick Jonas as 11 years old.

By the way, Priyanka was also rumored to be dating Avengers actor Sebastian Stan recently, and another Avenger star Tom Hiddleston before him.

Well, it seems quite obvious that Quantico star Priyanka is generating a great amount of heat on her own. Ask Nick if you want to know!