Salman Khan receives a death threat on social media

When 53-year-old Bollywood actor Salman Khan woke up on September 24th, he thought it would be a normal day. What he did not know is that he was the victim of a death threat posted on his social media accounts. Earlier that day, the “SOPU” party, or Students Organization of Punjab University, uploaded a photoshopped picture of Khan and a description below that sentenced him to death in the SOPU court after being found guilty of his crimes in SOPU court.

Experts believe the threats are related to his ongoing trial, where Khan is accused of killing two blackbucks in 1998. In October of that year, the actor was filming a movie in Jodhpur where he allegedly shot and killed two of these antelopes that are categorized as endangered species.

Salman Khan

But the SOPU party might not be the only problem in Khan’s life. After the news broke out about the poaching case, the Bishnoi community roared in disgust. The Bishnoi are known for worshipping blackbucks and have protested against the actor for his alleged crime. Lawrence Bishnoi, a known gangster, and member of the Bishnoi community had issued another death threat against Salman Khan in 2018. He claimed to be ready to kill the TV personality whenever he arrived in Jodhpur to punish him for his crime.

This is not the only time Salman Khan has had a rough encounter with the law. In September 2002, the actor was involved in a hit and run case after he drove his car into a bakery in Mumbai, killing a homeless man and injuring three bystanders. The case took a dark turn when the prime witness was kidnapped and killed. In 2015, Khan was acquitted for lack of evidence. Later in 2016, the decision was challenged by the Maharashtra government and taken to the Supreme Court. Both cases have no definitive verdict.