A Written Update on the Latest Episode of Tenali Rama Serial

Tenali Rama is a historical comic series, which is being aired on the SAB TV channel. The Tenali Rama serial is based on the life of the famous poet in Telugu, Tenali Ramakrishna. Each episode shows how the Pandit Ramakrishna uses his intelligence to solve all the complicated situations created by his rivals.

Written Update on Tenali Rama Serial Episode Aired on April 17th,2018

Emperor Krishnadevaraya comes to know that the Rajguru Acharya Thathacharya has gone in search of his brother-in-law, Vasudev inside the mysterious cave. Hence, he orders Tenali Rama to help Rajuguru. Tenali Rama is thus, sent to a mysterious cave along with his mother, Sharda, his wife, and his friend, Gundappa.

Meanwhile, the Rajguru who is hiding in his own house asks his wife, Saudamini Devi to not disclose his plan to anyone else. In the cave, Tenali Rama and his family get scared of darkness but still try to find Vasudev. Chinna Devi, wife of Krishnadevaraya and the sister of Vasudev gets worried about the well-being of her brother.

Later, Krishnadevaraya comes to know that Vasudev was, in fact, sleeping inside his own room. He gets worried about Pandit Ramakrishna and his family and decides to send the army to get them back from the cave. But Chinna Devi stops him saying that it will defame Vasudev. Hence, to save himself from all the probable embarrassments, Krishnadevaraya decides to hide Vasudev in his room till the Pandit and his family return.

The disciples of Rajguru take this opportunity to console and impress Saudamini Devi and go to her house to inform that the Rajguru has passed away and will not return from the cave. Tenali Rama and his family get scared seeing a large number of skeletons in the cave. Vasudev takes advantage of the situation and tries to make deals with Krishnadevaraya for keeping him hidden in the royal chamber.

The disciples of Rajguru reach his house and tries to woo his wife, Saudamini Devi. The Rajguru hears this and decides to them a lesson.

At the same time, Pandit Ramakrishna’s family gets separated from him and hides behind a huge rock. The episode ends with Tenali Rama struggling amidst a number of mice unaware of the tiger lurking in the shadows.

The Tenali Rama serial is one of the best serials of the Indian television industry. Unlike the other daily family dramas, this serial is funny and informative. In spite of not having the courage to deal with any difficult situations, Tenali Rama impresses everyone with his intelligence. This historical drama combined with the funny dialogues and scenes is far more entertaining than any other daily series.