Tharun Will Not Be A Part Of Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu 2

Bigg Boss Telugu, the Telugu version of the reality TV show, Big Brother is set to premiere its second season without the presence of Tharun. The show, which first premiered on the 16th of July, 2017 has become a favorite on the TV screens of so many Indian viewers.

The show, which has over 70 contestants fighting for the support of the public for a set sum of money, came to an end on the 24th of September. With the turnout of support from individuals all over India, it is not far-fetched, why there will be a second season.

The first season, which was a success was hosted by jr. NTR. He’s become a staple with the viewers, as his presence has become the norm. His captivating delivery with every live show is one that viewers all over India have come to love and enjoy. Unfortunately, the recent news states that he will not be available to host the 2nd season this year.

It has been reported that the actor is busy with prior commitments as an actor, and has decided to tend to them. He will be replaced by the actor, Nani.
Nani is a renowned actor and is no stranger in the Bollywood scene. With numerous versatile roles played in favorite shows like; Unconventional love and several others, we are sure he will be able to play host perfectly. Although fans are sad that Tharun will not be a part of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2, Nani should be able to give the fans a thrill. Fans can hardly wait for this season, as the last was tip top presenting nothing less than drama and emotion, exactly what they signed up for.

The premiere has been set for the 10th of June this year and promises to be the best yet. Although the names of the participants have not been released yet, you can bet they will be the right fit for the show. You just have to sit back and anticipate as it all unravels promptly.