To Love Again : Aditya falls in love with Zoya in bepannah serial

When all you did was love from the depth of your heart and it somehow left you broken. How can you revive the purest of feeling you’ve ever had when it was first tainted with lies?

Zoya is a beautiful and sweet young lady who is naïve but strong-willed. She was happily married to Yash, a businessman and had a life that she felt was close to perfection. On the other hand, Aditya is a handsome and confident pilot who married his childhood best friend Pooja. Aditya grew up loathing his father, Harshvardhan, because of his infidelity towards his mother.

Both had a happy and contented married life. They first met at a gift shop picking out things to buy their respective partners. Coincidentally, they both received a call informing them of their spouse’s demise in a road accident. Their paths had crossed again by the same tragedy and found that their spouses died holding each other’s hands. A mystery had started to evolve with the supposition that both Yash and Pooja had been cheating on them.

Zoya could not believe it but Aditya was sure that his wife had been cheating on him. Zoya, being too soft had submitted to denial as Aditya suffered a meltdown and lashed out at everyone causing him to get suspended from work! They first couldn’t get along because Aditya hates the sight of Zoya. Zoya is a reminder to him that Pooja had been unfaithful – just like his father.

Zoya, despite her timid nature, decided to rise from her mourning and save Yash’s doomed company. Despite her sister, Mahi, constantly discouraging her and her mother-in-law (Yash’s mother) constantly chasing after her for the riches left to her by Yash, Zoya continued to thrive. Aditya, however, continued to investigate on his late wife’s affair. The further he knew about their relationship, the more he’s become angry and livid. He found out that Pooja has
invested their money in Yash’s event-management company and saw this as an opportunity to extract revenge. He went and claimed his rights as the new owner seeing that he’s got the biggest share in the company and making Zoya his business partner.

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Their debut clients hired them to manage their wedding. This was when Aditya and Zoya had started to build a connection they never expected. Aditya was generally angry at Zoya, he would be annoyed by her constantly. He kept pushing Zoya to believe that, indeed, their spouses had been cheating on them – which Zoya repeatedly discredits. Zoya’s pure love towards her late husband has slowly softened Aditya’s rock-hard heart and found himself falling in love with her.
He finds himself looking at Zoya and wanting to take care of her and be there for her.

Finding that Zoya is still convinced that Yash did not cheat on her, Aditya was bent on proving to Zoya the truth. He eventually traps her in a room full of fake photos of Pooja and Yash. Zoya was still unmoved until she reached home and saw divorce papers that had already been signed by Yash. She turned an accusing finger to Aditya for falsifying the documents to which Aditya denied as he received the same documents. Aditya offered to have his brother, a lawyer, check the authenticity of the document and found that they truly were real.

Broken and traumatized with the truth, Zoya slashes her wrist! Aditya does everything in his power to save Zoya from herself. Almost losing Zoya made Aditya realize that no matter how much you’ve hurt in the past, your heart will be mended. He realized that it no longer matter how much he’s hurt, what matters is that he
can still love again.