“Wajan Badha Kaar” pane chahte hain perfect body?

So start this  4 Yoga if you want to gain weight and make a Perfect Body Shape

By doing daily yoga, our body gets many benefits. Yoga is an ancient Indian way of life. It involves the task of bringing the body, mind, and soul together. Through yoga, the body and mind can be completely healthy. Being healthy, you feel healthy yourself. Yoga is good for health, additionally, yoga is also effective in weight gain or even weight loss. Let us now tell you about the asanas of yoga that can help you to increase your body weight:


Sarbasana is also called the father of all the Asanas. The whole body is exercised with this effect. This posture strengthens the shoulders and arms and the spinal cord. It is good to have blood circulation in the brain. It is beneficial for the body in many ways.


Vajrasana is the second posture to be healthy. It is said about all the rugs that empty stomach should be done, but Vajrasana is the only posture which should be done only after eating food. This asana is helpful in digesting food easily and quickly. To do this posture, sit on the floor on the knees and keep the palms on your plate. Keep the waist straight after this and repeat the posture after the half-minute break while leaving the breath.


This seat is not only the highest seat but also the most important posture to increase the weight. This posture gives energy to the body and ends stress and anxiety. For this easy, you have to lie down and your stomach should be upwards. After this, you close your eyes and leave your hands and legs loose.


Those whose bodies are more lean than thin, they should make Bhujangasan fit their bodies. This seat is helpful for weight gain. Bhujangasan is the 8th step of Surya Namaskar and it is also called Nagasan. Do it three times a day for good health, three times a day.

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